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Brand Strategy | Creating Successful Strategies For Genuine Brands

Imagine a world where organizations are dedicated to keeping their Promises to their customers…to all of their stakeholders. BrandStrategy™ was founded in 1992 on the premise that a brand is more than a word or logo. We created the BrandMindset® methodology, discipline and processes that, when applied correctly, produce Genuine Brands. Genuine Brands make distinctive Promises to their customers and are obsessed with exceeding customer’s expectations.

BrandStrategy, Inc. has advised thousands of brands in 22 countries worldwide including corporations, communities, societies, professional associations, institutions, countries, world-class professionals, colleges and universities, celebrities and successful individuals who desire to optimize their perception, image and success. BrandStrategy clients use the proprietary BrandPromise science to enhance hundreds of millions of their customers’ experiences every day in 50 countries worldwide.



The word value is derived from valoir which means “worth.” Value is defined as “that property of a thing in virtue of which it is esteemed, desirable or useful.” Value has been interrelated to describe or define the emotional and functional aspects of a product, service or person; not just the price in monetary terms. Unfortunately, in newer dictionaries, and in many people’s minds, value has been denigrated to only refer to “the worth of a thing in money.” As value has become primarily associated with the “monetary” aspect of a product, service or person, this has presented a phenomenal opportunity for enlightened brands to distinguish themselves from competitors and create a “position of privilege.”

brand strategy

Brand Strategy

Perceived value in consumers’ minds is determined by their perception of the time invested in a purchase or interaction, how they feel about a transaction and the details of monetary cost.

The secret to brand strategy success is to be perceived as the best value; in other words, the optimum combination of time, feelings and cost.


How Consumers Perceive Value

Consumers develop their perception of value through a subjective feeling that is the result of comparing a brand’s product and service offerings with those of its competitors based on their own needs, preferences, buying behavior and characteristics. Thus, consumers’ perception of value constantly changes. Consequently, a brand’s ability to deliver value and delight consumers is deeply rooted in the Promise. Growth comes from serving consumers better (not bigger) and concentrating on the brand’s distinctive competence.

GenuineBrands make a Promise and they deliver on that Promise consistently, eagerly and at the consumers’ convenience. The power of the Promise is based on the consumers’ feelings about a product or service and what they say about a brand to their friends and family.



Duane Knapp is a Brand Scientist. He has been responsible for creating the “science” critical to developing Genuine Brands for over 30 years. His work is now referred to collectively as the BrandScience™ Methodologies which is the result of effectively and successfully employing the Scientific Method to postulate, hypothesize, predict, test and analyze the active elements for creating a Genuine Brand. Read More >


Leveraging the Science Behind the World’s Successful Brands

BrandStrategy offers proprietary brand expertise for building Genuine Brands.
Comprehensive Strategies for Genuine Brands
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Personal Brand Counsel for celebrities, Chief Executive Officers and public officials

Duane explaining BrandStrategy to the National Shoe Retailers Association


Author & BrandStrategy Thought Leader

Duane Knapp has published three recent books that define the principles of BrandScience.


Defining the Promise of World Famous Brands

Brand Strategy Inc. has helped shape and define the Promise of hundreds of brands. See our client list.

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