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Global Brand Strategy

Brand Love Examined in

Duane, with Don Morgan, co-authored an article examining how and why we love certain brands.

“As the world has evolved, so has our feelings about brands. Historically, brands have been viewed for their utility value (i.e., what do they do for us and how do they make our lives easier).

An emerging BrandScience™ philosophy indicates that, in fact, people actually “love” certain brands, especially those that define or are closely connected with a person’s lifestyle.

brand-lovewebAs Jaimie Robertson, an experienced brand strategist in Australia, explains, “When someone really loves a brand, they think of it as indispensable and irreplaceable, as well as admired. Sometimes, when you love a brand, there’s an X-factor; you can’t put it into words, but something about this brand just clicks for you.”

Brands that are loved also are enthusiastically promoted by their consumers.”

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