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Global Brand Strategy

BrandStrategy, Inc. Bestows Two Masters of BrandScience™ Awards

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Masters of BrandScience Awards. Ken Uptain, President,
and Tahne Davis, Director of Brand Management, of Essentia Water, LLC, USA, join more than 60 other
remarkable executives from around the world who have received this award.
The Masters of BrandScience designation is presented to leading executives who have advanced the
BrandMindset® and BrandPromise® principles within their organization. These executives are dedicated
to developing and implementing strategies for their respective brands and industries that enhance
customers’ experiences.
Essentia is the leading alkaline water brand in the United States

  • It is the Number 1 selling bottled water
    in natural food RETAILERS across America and is also the Number 4 premium water IN grocery
  • Essentia’s RETAIL SALES grew 71% in 2016. The company is one of the most exciting emerging beverage companies
    in the USA, driving the growth of premium water.

BrandStrategy, Inc. has advised over 350 brands in 17 countries worldwide including Fortune 500
corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, associations, destinations, non-profit organizations, successful
individuals and celebrities who desire to enhance their image, perception and success. Our clients use
our proprietary BrandPromise® science to enhance hundreds of millions of their customers’ experiences
in 50 countries worldwide.

For the full press release, follow this link.

Previous Recipients

Maura Nelson
Michael Gehrisch
Don Morgan
Mike Webber
Kevin Foster-Keddie
Dennis Karras
Debbie Lee
Misti Kerns
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Mike Reynolds
Beth Carmichael
David Turgeon
Robin Wiegerink
Jessica Factor
Dana Irby
Bobbi Brieske
Sheila Fox
Lorne Daniel
Sharon Whitely
Henry Wirz
Becky Skaggs
Scott Smith
Bruce Haldors
Dan O’Byrne
Leon Maisel
Melissa McLean
Suzanne Stewart
Jim Luttjohann
Mary Denis
Jorge Pesqura
Dale Carlson
Patsy Martin
Vince Oliver
Kay Steiner
Sara Dicken
Bruce MacCormack
Melanie Multop
Mary Bass
Kristen Wevers
Peggy Campbell
Kirby Nelson
Tom Dunn
Jane Kile
David Morgans
Ken Uptain
Tahne Davis