BrandStrategy, Inc. to Help Redefine CVBs

IACVB taps the expertise of Duane Knapp
SPECIAL REPORT: The Rebranding of CVBs — Rebranding, repositioning, revitalizing, retooling, or even renaming… CVBs throughout North America are creating new identities for themselves to better meet their clients’ needs. And it’s starting from the top down, with the International Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus’ (IACVB) branding campaign and proposed name change. Here’s the story behind the sweeping effort and examples of the new initiatives dozens of CVBs have set in motion.

The Brand Leadership Campaign
After first identifying critical industry issues concerning the role of CVBs in the 2000 Future Study, the association implemented the Brand Leadership Campaign with the help of Duane Knapp of BrandStrategy, Inc. It is an initiative designed to assist the bureau community in redefining and promoting its value and importance to stakeholders, including local citizens, tourists, and government officials. Two deliverables were developed, BrandScience Guide for Destination Research and BrandScience Guide for RFPs.

Brand Promise
Defining a Brand Promise was next. “We needed to communicate what we wanted people to feel about us, from a visitor’s point of view. A brand promise serves as a cornerstone but it’s not a mission statement, which is purposeful. A brand promise is ‘aspirational’ and expresses the emotion; how people are to going to feel about you,” explained Nelson, IACVB vice president.