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Global Brand Strategy

Brookhaven Convention and Visitors Bureau Launches Significant Destination Strategy Effort

Brookhaven Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc. has launched an in-depth effort to create a unique identity and marketing campaign for the city of Brookhaven. The CVB has engaged BrandStrategy, Inc. and Zehnder Communications in the brand development process.

BrandStrategy, Inc., a Washington-based firm that specializes in destination strategy and Brand Science, is currently leading an extensive research and market analysis project that will inform development of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Zehnder Communications, a fully integrated advertising agency with offices in Louisiana and Nashville, Tenn., will provide a range of marketing services including logo creation, digital ads, website development and optimization, paid media, public relations and social media.

“We are building a brand from the ground up,” said Brookhaven CVB Executive Director Renée Areng. “This is a formative period as we work with BrandStrategy and Zehnder to develop a strategy for our destination and bring that brand to life.”

Brookhaven CVB was established in 2018 to promote and build awareness of the destination and its unique attributes. Strategic marketing efforts will focus on creating a presence regionally and nationally that attracts visitors, supports overall economic development and creates a purposeful sense of community among residents.

“This year will be a time of major growth for the Brookhaven CVB,” said Areng. “Our city has a rich history and so much to offer locals and visitors. I’m looking forward to working with our partners to create and tell that story.”