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KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Keynote speaker Duane Knapp walked the talk in his presentations at A Natural Advantage, our major training event for 2007. He left Doctors Eyecare members, practice staff, and suppliers feeling very special – not only by giving out gifts and personally interacting with his audience, but by outlining a clear brand identity for the group. Stressing that the patient experience is the key to your practices’ identities, Duane outlined how “personalized care” can make your practice one that patients not only prefer, but insist upon.

Duane introduced and explained the concept of a Doctors Eyecare “halo” brand – an identity that links Doctors Eyecare practices in the patients’ minds and plays a secondary, supportive role to the primary brand – the individual practice. At a later workshop led by General Manager Lorne Daniel, doctors and staff helped review plans for an updated Doctors Eyecare graphic identity, as well as tools such as customized promise / guarantee cards, appointment cards, and door signage, for building patient awareness of what our group offers them.

The Doctors Eyecare halo brand BrandPromise®

“We are dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind professional eye care experience. Our patients appreciate our personal care and our commitment to enhancing their visual life and great looks.

“We are all charged up and excited with many new ideas to try. Our normally VERY quiet Wednesday morning staff meeting was just bubbling over with great comments and brainstorming how we can apply various practices to our office!”

-Nicole Luebke, C.C.O.A
Drs. Johnson, Oliver, and Martin