Frequently Asked Brand Strategy Questions

1. What is a Genuine Brand?
A Genuine Brand is the internalized sum of all impressions received by customers and consumers resulting in a distinctive position in their MIND’S EYE based on perceived emotional and functional benefits.

2. What is brand equity?
We define brand equity as a brand’s valuation based on the totality of its perceptions including the relative equity of its products and services, financial performance, customer loyalty, satisfaction and esteem, etc.

3. What is the difference between a BrandPromise and a mission statement?
The basic difference is one of perspective. A mission statement generally articulates an organization’s internal perspective regarding direction and objectives; simply put– “What It Does.” On the other hand, the BrandPromise is written primarily with the customers’ perspective as a focus, articulating the essence of the brand’s benefits (functional and emotional) that current and potential customers should expect to receive when experiencing a brand’s products and services.

4. How does a Genuine Brand create paradigm shifts?
A Genuine Brand creates paradigm shifts by leveraging the brand, following a disciplined brand process, and by utilizing the entire brand playing field. It does this by creating brand value for the customer, using the BrandStrategy Doctrine to drive the business and the budgets, and consistently focusing on the distinctive benefits to the customer. The goal is to enhance perceived value and preference in the mind’s eye of the target audience.

5. We need to revitalize our brand. How will BrandStrategy understand our business and how should we proceed?
Our diverse and varied experience around the globe has acquainted us with most industries. BrandStrategy partners with its clients to fully understand the business and works side by side with you to outline a comprehensive plan of action for success.

6. We are getting ready to kick off our annual strategic planning retreat. How should the strategy for our brand be integrated?
The desired perception for the organization’s brand in the future should be the focus of all strategic thinking. The brand drives all decision making and guides budget considerations, not the other way around. We can facilitate your retreat to accomplish the desired goals and develop a consensus for your future brand direction.

7. We have never used an expert. How is BrandStrategy, Inc. different from other marketing and brand consultants?
Our advisory approach and proprietary brand science provides your executive team with the “best demonstrated” brand practices in order to create your own destiny and enhance your success. Our practical approach produces real results.

8. We are a small company; can we develop brand expertise internally?
Of course you can. As advisors, we work with you to guide, develop and build brand expertise within your organization, consistent with your budget. As a result of our methodology, you own the framework with which to build and enhance your brand’s equity.

9. We need a speaker who will really energize our annual convention and raise the level of enthusiasm and excitement of our management team. Can you do that?
Duane Knapp is frequently called upon as a “keynote” speaker on the subject of Genuine Brands. His willingness to share his passion and thoughts on building Genuine Brands with others has been welcomed by hundreds of executive teams, associations, and organizations. Duane engages his audience in a highly effective manner, combining “real-world” expertise with an entertaining delivery, leaving attendees inspired. A DVD sampling of his presentation is available upon request.