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Global Brand Strategy

Napa Advocates Gather to Explore Managing Tourism

Knapp retained to spearhead project to create distinctive tourism brand

By Jeannie Claire
Register Business Editor

NAPA VALLEY – Representatives from the Napa Chamber of Commerce, environmental and community organizations, educational institutions, and industry and business associations gathered at Copia on Wednesday afternoon to listen to a presentation about developing Napa County’s destination vision.

The presentation, sponsored by the Napa Valley Conference & Visitors Bureau and the Napa Valley Economic Development Corporation, was presented by branding expert Duane Knapp, president of Washington state-based BrandStrategy, Inc.

Knapp presented the benefits and importance of a genuine brand and laid out a roadmap for achieving success. He said he will work with the coalition to enhance and build the Napa Valley brand into “a one of a kind genuine destination brand.”

Knapp gave what some attendees referred to as a highly-charged, inspirational message about promoting Napa County. “I am one of your biggest fans,” he began. “The question,” he said, “is how Napa Valley can become a number one destination.”

“It’s a crowded marketplace,” Knapp said. “There are 50 states that all have wine destinations. You have a lot of wonderful brands that can come together in one promise. When you come together in one promise, it works well. It’s about our promise to our guests, stakeholders and influencers. They should perceive and experience our promise every time.”

Knapp has been retained by the Visitors Bureau to spearhead the project, which is seen as a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace, according to Beth Carmichael, executive director of the Napa Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We need to create a single, shared, destination strategy based on delivering a truly distinctive experience from the visitor’s point of view,” she said. “This is where BrandStrategy comes in.

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