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Global Brand Strategy

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare’s Prescription for Web & Social

Listen to Duane’s perspective on reputation for medical professionals as he is interviewed for Russ & Randy’s Podcast.

Your brand in the digital world depends on much more than face-to-face time with your patients! Your brand depends on more than merely how great a physician you are.

If you are skeptical, go check out your doctor ratings on,,, or any of the other doctor-rating sites: note that the majority of questions that determine your online rating have nothing to do with the doctor! Most of the questions that determine your online reputation – your brand – depend on factors out of your control.

Or are they? Are those factors out of your control?

Duane Knapp tells us how to control those factors that build your online (and offline) reputation. He tells us how to optimize your brand!

Click here to listen.